What Is The Introduction Of Gilli-Danda?

Introduction Of Gilli-Danda-

What’s the introduction of Gilli-danda and how was it created? The story begins in the middle of the nineteenth century, during a time when the British rule in Sri Lanka was on the wane and its rulers were being replaced by colonial powers. During this period, a man called Ravi had become the king of Srikandi, an old town, which was originally named Dambolim.

It was not long before he became ailing and wanted to pass away as soon as possible. He consulted an astrologer for a solution and that’s when the story of Ravi and his horoscope began. Ravi realized that if he had a bad or good fortune that would influence him to live a better life and also influence the future course of his son’s life.

The introduction of Gilli-danda was to be a way of providing for his son’s life so that his son did not lose his inheritance or have the wrong kind of luck. So, the horoscope was made and it was believed that it had the power to avert bad luck in your life. However, the horoscope could never predict anything, so Ravi took the horoscope and modified it to suit his own life. His son was born at the same time and so the horoscope was changed accordingly.

The story of the birth of Gilli-danda begins when it comes down to a contest between two brothers, Kumarakom and Lokesh. Kumarakom is in the habit of always doing what is right while Lokesh thinks and says what is wrong. However, as time passes, Kumarakom grows older, gets married and becomes the father of nine children. As he grows older, he realizes that he is beginning to have bad luck and that the time for his good luck is coming to an end. When his horoscope indicates that he will soon die, he decides to consult an astrologist to see if he can use the horoscope to prevent his death.

The first thing that the astrologist does is to modify the horoscope to suit his life and to see if the Horoscope of Gilli-danda will work for his death. The astrologist discovers that the Horoscope is not meant to be used to prevent his death but to make it possible for him to make the best use of his time and life, which are spent in the family home. The astrologist tells Kumarakom that it would be much better if he spent more time with his family rather than being busy at work. and therefore, he needs to use his time wisely.

Kumarakom immediately starts working hard and making good use of his time and so he gets to be very wealthy and the money that he has can earn goes into a house and it gives him lots of time to spend with his family. He becomes very popular in the community and people start looking forward to his visits to his house. But then, he meets Lokesh, who is the best man of his house and wants to marry Kumarakom, but Kumarakom decides to marry Lokesh’s sister. However, Lokesh tries to stop them and forces Kumarakom to marry her instead.


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